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Live Event Broadcasts

The Magic City Fronton hosts the five official World Jai-Alai League teams as they compete in Battle Court Jai-Alai (a season-long schedule of head-to-head matches played every Monday, Tuesday and Friday) to determine the best team in the league!

Meet the Athletes

Now it's getting personal. Meet the professional athletes of Jai-Alai! Find out what makes them tick, who they love to hate on the court, and so much more!

Best of Jai-Alai H2H

Catch up on all of the 2021 Jai-Alai H2H action that you might have missed! Tune in every Sunday, Monday & Tuesday at 5pm to catch the live matches!


The U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship puts a spotlight on the international sport of Jai-Alai in the U.S, more specifically at the fronton located in the Magic City of Miami, Florida.

Watch as U.S. bred athletes take to the court to fight for the Singles and Doubles titles in two epic battles of skill, speed, finesse, and athletic prowess.

Tune in on August 19, 20 & 21 to find out who will be the ones to dominate the World’s Fastest Game in 2022! Save the date for the 3rd annual, live USNJAC competition!

Top Ten Countdowns

The most exciting, jaw-dropping, and breathtaking plays in Jai-Alai from 2020 and 2021.


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